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Building Service Operations Incentivise the Workforce

Businesses today use an outsourcing strategy to realise strategic advantages, not only to achieve a competitive advantage but also to obtain dominance or market preservation goals. When it comes to outsourcing facility type services, the strategic objectives are achieved by using a tactical approach to lessen the operating costs associated with facility services such as cleaning and call centres.

Focusing on Core Business Activities

This type of strategy allows a business to enhance its control over non-core business activities and to obtain best-practice systems. The strategy permits a company to focus on its core business as well. Core business functions are services and activities that benefit a customer. Therefore, a company that redirects its resources from non-core tasks to core business obligations makes optimum use of outsourcing.

Building Service Operations

For instance, a company that is a software developer does not want to dilute its resources by also delivering the cleaning services for the property. This additional responsibility does not increase the market position advantageously for the core business. That is why outsourced building services are important to companies and their core business initiatives.

When certain services are outsourced, a company can concentrate on the resources it establishes for its customers as well as its own mission and values, thereby obtaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Therefore, contractor services can supply amenities that add a greater value to a buyer’s core business, which also creates a competitive benefit for the purchaser.

For instance, if a property management business acquired, through outsourcing, the assistance of a world class call centre, the experience and knowledge it gains from its partner also improves its competitive position as it offers greater amenities to its customers. Outsourcing offers added benefits and enhancements and therefore is an important component to many businesses.

Building Service Operations1

Increasing Your Stronghold in the Business Community

In addition, the outsourcing of building or facility services creates more synergy between a company and its contractor. As a result, both companies realise a shared market advantage or shared risks and costs. For instance, a mechanical maintenance company and building services company frequently have the same customers. Therefore, an opportunity can be formed that allows each company to market individually in order to benefit both. The capacity to expand another company’s market share is a powerful strategic benefit that can also increase business opportunities for both parties.

When a partnership is made through outsourcing, both companies can expand their services and products with the cost and risk shared jointly by both entities. The scale of benefits that can be derived is only limited by the egos or vision of the each of the businesses. This type of business approach incentivises a company’s workforce. When people can concentrate on their jobs, the company receives more interest and initiative from its employees.

No one can deny the benefits of outsourcing work today. It allows businesses to capitalise on what they do best and ensures a higher level of performance from workers. When you partner with an outsource, you create a win-win situation – one that you can use to improve your operations and functionality.

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