Build your One Page Shop with Payrexx

E-commerce startup Payrexx has created the innovative and simple One Page Shop. Payrexx One Page Shop tool has been created with the emphasis on functionality and simplicity. Now anyone can intuitively create a beautiful online shop and integrate it into his or her existing website. Even without the website one can start using the Payrexx One Page Shop within a few minutes watching the following video guide.

8 stunning benefits you get using Payrexx One Page Shop

  1. Beautiful, simple and responsive web design.
  2. Shop items can be easily and quickly added, adjusted or removed.
  3. One Page Shop link will appear beautifully in your social media post helping to generate more leads to your shop.
  4. Branch -and product-oriented. One Page Shop is well-suited to accept payments for products, services, subscriptions, events and coupons as well as to accept donations.
  5. Unique and secure online shopping experience for your customers. The whole shopping process happens on one page.
  6. Intuitive and simple shopping cart feature for your customers.
  7. One-off and recurring payments available.
  8. Ability to accept 164 currencies, 200 payment methods and use more than 20 payment service providers allows to win customers worldwide.

One Page Shop samples:



Virtual Terminal:


One Page Shop to accept Donations:


Try Payrexx now

So why not register now by proceeding with the link below and get 50$ discount for our yearly subscription?

Media Contacts

Resealed by: PAYREXX AG, Burgstrasse 20, 3600 Thun, Switzerland
Contact person: Ivan Schmid, CEO
Tel.: +41 33 550 00 10




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