Breaking the Stereotypes: Ice Cream Carts are not Just for Kiddie Parties

Ice cream is one the most favourite sweet treats in the world today. And yes, they are often craved for by children. Because of this, ice cream is starting to become a staple in children’s parties, either in the form of plated (or in sugar cones, technically speaking) servings, or by having an ice cream cart present.

But while it is a stereotype, ice cream carts are not just for children’s parties. In fact, they fit in on almost any kind of gathering, even those for adults. You just have to strategize your party so that it won’t seem out of place.


So where else can you exactly make good use of an ice cream cart? Here are some events that you may consider:

  1. Cocktail parties.

Yes, having an ice cream cart in a cocktail party may sound unusual, but you can definitely have one in if you like. The thing here is that you may have to position the cart near the bar and serve your guests cocktail drinks with ice cream toppings, or ice cream with a touch of cocktail flavours.

Your guests will be not only be surprised with this type of cocktail bar; they will also be delighted to have more options in the bar counter. They can have ice cream served with a cocktail drink or vice versa or just have an unlimited serving of this cold sweet treat throughout the party.

  1. Outdoor gatherings.

Are you hosting a barbecue party, or a gathering that is to be held outdoors? Then you may want to have an ice cream cart present too. It’s simply because the weather outdoors is warmer than it is in indoor venues, and you just can’t control it. However, if you have a supply of ice cream around, then you are able to keep your guests cool and relaxed throughout the party. They will also enjoy eating ice cream while in your gathering without actually realizing that the weather has gone warmer.

Outdoor gatherings also involve kids, so giving them ice cream will sure keep them amused.

  1. Corporate events.

Another ideal event in which you can bring in an ice cream cart is during a corporate party, such as product launches or company celebrations. This is not only to keep your guests filled with ice cold treats; you can also use the cart to feature a brand that you want to introduce to your guests.

For example, you are doing a product launch. You need not only introduce the product itself, but also the brands (other products and services) tied to it. If ice cream is part of the related niche industries to your product and brand, then you should have it on board so that your guests will realize the overall relevance of your event.

  1. Parties with special themes.

Themed parties are becoming quite popular these days, and these are also great venues to incorporate ice cream. What you can do here is serve the ice cream flavours relevant to the theme the party is following, or use colour combinations that match the chosen motif.

If you are hosting a black and white party, then you may have to serve ice cream in only the shades of black and white. Your cart must also follow the theme colours too in order to match the event’s backdrop. Meanwhile, if you are going to include ice cream in a fairy-tale inspired party, then you should also follow the theme colours and flavours-both in your ice cream servings and the cart design.

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