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Boosting Brand Marketing Efforts in 2016 – Sure-Fire Strategies

This always tends to be the time of year when practically every business owner across the country begins dreaming of stellar success over the next 12 months.  And indeed success will come the way of many, but is nonetheless something that simply no longer happens accidentally or by chance. Whatever line of work it is you’re in, competition has never been more ferocious and getting ahead is becoming more challenging by the day.

According to the experts at therefore, the importance of proactivity when it comes to brand marketing efforts has never been greater. On the plus side, there’s never been greater abundance of ways and means by which a boost to brand marketing can be brought about – ideally in conjunction with an experienced marketing consultant.

So as far as the country’s leading experts are concerned, exactly what kinds of strategies are guaranteed to bear fruit throughout 2016 and beyond?

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1 – Equal Focus

Well, first of all the time has officially come to ensure equal effort and focus is paid to social media posting as the primary business website itself. It’s natural and instinctive for businesses to pump enormous sums of money into their main websites, but given the way in which social media’s power and influence is still accelerating off the scale, you simply have to assume that social media will deliver the first and most important impression to vast swathes of your target audience.

2 – Follow Your Followers

Still on the subject of social media, it’s important to get into the habit of following your followers. The simple fact of the matter is that customers of value to you generally do not exist in a vacuum. More often than not, one individual with an interest in what you do will within their own social group have plenty of others who are just as interested and of potential value. So rather than simply expecting them to come to you, it simply makes sense to go to them.

3 – Guest Posting

Contrary to popular belief, not only is guest posting still alive and well, but it can actually be more powerful and influential than it has ever been. The only difference these days being that trying to get away with spammy or overly abundant guest posts simply for SEO purposes will most likely lead you down the wrong path. Nevertheless, to create absolutely outstanding content and share it with respectable, reputable and influential blogs/websites is to stand every chance of massively boosting your appeal and exposure at the same time.

4 – Focus on Visuals

One thing that became abundantly clear during 2015 was the way in which blocks of text are out and visuals are very much in. Specifically, it proved to be the year of the infographics which for so many of the world’s biggest businesses became something of a primary posting tool whenever there was something important to say. Infographics represent the very epitome of the kind of content that is fantastically shareable and digestible – block after block of unbroken text being quite the opposite.

5 – Faster Conversions

As far as the experts are concerned, 2016 is very much going to be the year of the impulse purchase…at least from a web marketing perspective, anyway. A variety of social media platforms have already introduced ‘click to buy’ features, massively streamlining the sales process and make it much easier for prospects to make purchases without thinking them through. This simplicity is something that should also be translated to the primary business website itself, with statistics having shown time and time again that the faster the visitor is able to make a purchase, the more likely they are to do exactly that.

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6 – Content Focus

It’s been over a decade now since the true importance of rich content was both acknowledged and adopted as part of the effective web marketing strategy.  Nevertheless, things are once again expected to take an enormous leap forward in 2016 to such an extent where outstanding content becomes the only standard content audiences are willing to accept. And again, this applies to all online entities including social media presences, just as it does the primary website itself.

7 – Telling Stories

Last but not least, the only thing with more potential power than providing an audience with an instant gratification is effective storytelling. In many ways, telling stories represents the only realistic way of getting across to your target audience your message, your background, what it is that makes you so special and why they should choose your brand over every other. Becoming known for shiny products and low prices simply isn’t enough these days – consumers want a brand with a story that resonates with them.

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