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Attract more customers through creative and catchy company names 


A right name that can send the right message is always beneficial to your company. That is why you need to be extra careful when you are creating your company name. It is always necessary that you consider all the aspects of your business first before you decide on how you will come up with the best company name for your business. Having good communication with your customers can be achieved through a creative and catchy business name.

Give a lot of thought when choosing your company name

The name of your company has many short-term and long-term effects to your business so you need to give a lot of thought before you make your final decision for your company name. Moreover, committing big mistakes when naming your company can cost you a lot of money because registering a new name will incur more taxes, licenses and permits to be paid. With this being said, it is suggested that you do a thorough research on how to choose creative and catchy business names.


Tactics from experts that will help you create creative and catchy company names

Below is the list of the tactics used by expert businessmen when choosing creative and catchy business names for their businesses.

  1. Strive to create brandable and descriptive company names

A brandable and descriptive company name can give you a lot of benefits. By having a descriptive company name, your potential customers can quickly get an insight of what your company is about and what products they can purchase from you. They will also be aware of your target market since the description in your company name will somehow give them a hint about who and what kind of people you are targeting for your products.

Moreover, a brandable company name is very useful when it comes to marketing or advertising. Your company name can use a lot of ideas to quickly attract potential customers through creative and catchy TV commercials, newspaper advertisements and ads in social media.

  1. Avoid generic or usual company names

Even though it is tempting to use generic words such as best, world, central, main and many other generic words, you should still never consider putting generic words in your company name because it can ruin your entire business plan. Instead of relying on these generic and ineffective words, you need to come up with more specific and unique words for your business that can capture the attention of your potential customers.

  1. Collect a lot of interesting and unique words that are related to your business 

Brainstorming is a simple yet effective way of coming up with a creative and catchy company name. Creative company names can surely be made if you will be able to list down all the words related to your business. After listing those words, you need to focus your attention on those words only and try to think which word or words should be used to create a catchy and creative company name for your business. Additionally, you will prevent yourself from using generic and weird words through using this technique.

  1. Try to get inspiration from successful companies.

For you to know what kind of company name has a great possibility of having success, you can try getting inspiration from successful companies that have great company names. By studying the company names of successful business, you will be able to create ideas and conclusions on how the business owners went about in choosing their company names. Examples of successful companies with creative and catchy company names are Nestle, McDonalds, FedEx and many other more.

You can do it too!

We all have the capacity to think creatively. You can do it too if you will just be able to take into account the small and big details of your company. Knowing all of the aspects of your company and your products is already a big plus for you. A great company name can start from a great company owner. If you have all the abilities to be a great company owner, then creating a creative and catchy company name is just an easy task that you need to surpass for you to go on to the next level of your business.

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