An Overview of Pilates Fitness Classes in Singapore

What is Pilates?

When you hear the word Pilates, what comes to your mind? To some people, this may sound foreign, but to fitness enthusiasts, this is another form of fitness exercise. Did you know that not all fitness exercises are for everyone? This is also applicable to Pilates.

You might wonder why this is so? Well, Pilates is a fitness workout primarily designed for athletes and dancers to help them in their recovery from injuries. But, with its many benefits, a lot of individuals have incorporated this exercise in their normal workout regimen. In fact, here in Singapore, this workout has become so popular that most fitness classes in Singapore offers Pilates. A lot of Singaporeans view Pilates as a better way of strengthening their core muscles, improve their flexibility and brain concentration. One might wonder how this is so and why is this any different from the other fitness exercises out there? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

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Core Benefits of Pilates

  1. Fitness for the whole body

Pilates is a complete workout, which involves the coordination of your whole body in symmetry. Compare to the other forms of exercises that only target certain areas in the body, Pilates targets the whole body, making sure that the whole body is exercised uniformly.

  1. Flexibility of the body is improved

Pilates as mentioned previously that it required the whole coordination of the body, so that total flexibility is achieved. This will help develop your core muscles so that your flexibility and range of movement without putting you at risk of getting into an injury due to underdeveloped or overdeveloped muscles.

  1. Enhances your posture

Not only does Pilates improve your strength and flexibility, it also helps to improve your posture. So joining Pilatesfitness classes in Singapore can greatly benefit in improving your posture. Did you know that having good posture means, that you need to have a strong core and good alignment in your body?

  1. Increase your strength

Besides having a good posture, Pilates also helps in strengthening the abdomen and pelvic floor? The main thing with Pilates is strengthening your core muscles – muscles that support your body. So if you have strong muscles, then your energy level is increased and you’ll be able to perform efficiently.

  1. Keeps you motivated

Joining a Pilates class here in Singapore can help get you motivated.  You will have someone that is telling you to work harder to encourage you to take the fitness to the next level and you also will be able to achieve your goals faster.

  1. Increase body awareness

Since Pilates requires your high level of concentration, this will encourage proper coordination of your mind, body and spirit – uniting your body and mind, which then allows you to get the most out of your exercises.

  1. Great for weight loss

Pilates is found to help burn out calories and increase muscle strength. There are some unique Pilates workouts that are focused in burning your calories and tone your body without going to extremes. You’ll find out more about this when you sign up for a Pilates fitness class in Singapore.

With these benefits, one might think this is so much like yoga – not exactly like yoga, but the benefits are similar. Indeed, this is the cousin of yoga! But there are differences.

Pilates: strength, muscle-toning, body control and flexibility – with major emphasis on core strength.

Yoga: flexibility and broad muscle groups, balance, endurance, strength, spirituality and some physical movement.

Different Types of Pilates

Like most fitness workouts, there are different levels and types of exercises; and this is the same for Pilates. There are many types of Pilates workouts, but they are divided into two classifications namely:

  • Mat work Pilates
  • Reformer Pilates

Mat work involves Pilates executed on the mat placed on the floor just like on the case of Yoga. As for the Reformer Pilates, they are executed on a specialized resistance Pilates equipment. Each Pilates fitness class in Singapore have their own Pilates techniques, so it is advisable that before you sign up, you might want to check the type of Pilates fitness class they offer.

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