All New Matthew Martino Innovators Fund

Motivated by the success of his MMBF Trust, which was launched on 27th of October 2014, the trust now feels that the time has come for them to expand their work area and lend their support to various other talents within the creative industry. This includes singers, writers, artists as well as performers. To serve the purpose, the Trust has launched in 2016, the brand new Matthew Martino Innovators Fund.


The creative baby of the British philanthropist, Matthew C. Martino, the new find through the MMBF Trust would lend their support to 10 individuals or groups with an aid of £250 to help initiate creative projects. The new trust breaks the barrier of supporting only dance, film projects, photography collectives, music videos etc to now lend support to all artists and creative people.

The new Trust would be headed by the esteemed filmmaker Paul Knight. He will be supported by a team of judges who will oversee all ongoing support to all the creatives who would be getting the benefits of the fund. Paul states of being extremely excited to be associated with the project and help fresh talent leave their deep impact in their specific fields and scale new heights. The fund is bound to create ripples.

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