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Advertising and Important Modes of Advertisement


Advertising plays a dominant role in any business organization’s popularity. Today there’s hardly any business organization that isn’t adapting to various advertising techniques for attracting audiences towards them. Advertising can be done anywhere and at anytime. The promotional events are an important part of advertising. There are several modes of advertising. They are:

  1. By displaying on the window                                        

Also known as exterior display, this form of advertising is very common these days. The shopkeepers or retailers simply put up the products that deal with in window displays to woo the customers. It directly influences the customers to purchase the goods. It appeals to the onlookers or to the passerby directly. It is known to positively compel people into enquiring or purchasing the displayed goods.


  1. By using the print media like newspapers and magazines

This is a conventional form of advertising as people have always adapted to giving the advertise of their products in the pages of a newspaper or magazine. By this a large number of people can be informed about the product and it’s different uses. Advertising through print media has gain a lot of renounce since olden times because a newspaper and magazine has a wide reader base. The circulation of a daily newspaper is done in different parts of the country and hence, it is a really useful way of advertising. The cost of giving an advertisement is quite meager as compared to the other modes of advertising. A magazine too is read by a large section of the literate people of the world. Hence even an advertisement displayed in magazines reaches a lot of people.

  1. Special kinds of Advertising

With a view to increase sales, and multiply profits, several companies adapt to the distribution of bookmarks, pens, carry bags, calendars, purses, paper weight to the customers. The logo or name of the company is printed on the things distributed to the customers. This kind of advertising is very appealing and attracting as people get drawn to the exquisite look of the things presented to them. For instance, few years ago the malt company “Horlicks” was distributing a paperboard with a one kilogram of Horlicks’ bottle. Other perks were a geometry box and a school bag. The parents were quite disappointed as the things were not of a Good quality, but the students and small kids were joyous with the unique designs that were presented. The orangelabel advertising company is a renounced firm known for it’s world class advertising since seventy five years.

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