A Wonderful Recovery

Per Wickstrom a previous drug addict who suffered from drug addiction for almost a decade is now a recovered drug addict and the successful CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, A Forever Recovery, and Choices Recovery. All the hard work and dedication clearly paid off for Per Wickstrom a successful CEO of many rehabs across the United States but his story is one that shocks many of us. Per Wickstrom had his first beer at the age of 14 after a break up with his girlfriend and that one beer, led to many more powerful and more harmful drugs.

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How He Did It

When you are addicted to a drug or alcohol it is extremely hard to overcome this but with the support of family and friends it makes the process a whole lot easier. Per Wickstrom decided that he needed to get his life back together after he hit rock bottom. This was a horrible time in his life and this is what made him realize he needs to change and in fact wasn’t just hurting himself, but hurting those around him too. He made the wise decision to seek help at a drug rehabilitation center close to home and that is why he is the man he is today. He realized how successful his recovery was through the help of a rehab therefore decided to give back and open many rehabs of his own. He loves helping people overcome their addiction as well and he is proud of what he has overcome.

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