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 A Growing Business in Africa


Murphy Ben International was founded by Murphy Anawana in 2009 and was incorporated in 2012. The company is in place to promote, create and aggregate African culture through music, media, and movies. Murphy Ben International is even expanding with their new TV show from Aforevo. Murphy Anawana the CEO of Murphy Ben International wants their company to be number one and the most successful entertainment company and Africa and he has succeeded. He does this by promoting entrepreneurship and creativity to the over 400 staff members of Murphy Ben International including their sister companies.

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The company has had aggressive speed over the last 3 years and that is due to the growth in technology and internet in Africa. If Africa wasn’t developing then Murphy Ben International wouldn’t be the number one channel on YouTube in Africa and they wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. When the company first started they were headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria but as they grew, they decided to have their business solely online. Murphy Anawana is very proud of his company and how it has a fast growth rate and this is all due to the team behind the work that is produced. They are such a huge company in Africa that with its sister companies, Murphy Ben International has presence in over 27 countries.

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