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5 Online Business Services You May Not Know About

Businesses are under increasing pressure to be efficient, proficient, and innovative in order to remain competitive in every market. Many businesses realized just how important it is to be creative with resource allocation and contract services when the economy crashed just a few years ago. As the economy continues to bounce back, now is the best time for business owners and leaders to seek out services that can open the doors for better allocation of resources in-house and prepare them for an unpredictable market (isn’t it always unpredictable?).

Which online business services might be a good fit for your company? Take your pick from this list we’ve compiled of online business services you may not even know exist.


External Payroll Departments

A multitude of companies offer a complete external payroll department for as little as less than a dollar per employee per pay period. Simply keep them abreast on changes, such as new hires, terminations, and salary changes, and send in your timesheets a specified amount of time before pay day, and they’ll do the rest. They’ll even file and pay your payroll taxes in multiple states if necessary. This can prove to be a significant savings over paying a full-time internal payroll person.

Accounting Services

Thousands of accountants offer their services to employers via online platforms and web-based software programs. With the click of a button, you can send your financial files to an accountant for review, reconciliation, accounts payable services, analysis, and tax filing and payment. This can be a great resource for small business owners who don’t have the time or expertise to maintain company financials.

Content Creation

For businesses focused on increasing website traffic through effective SEO marketing, there are third party vendors whose sole purpose is to connect businesses with content. Companies can order custom content based on their needs or search through prefabricated content for topics that meet their needs. Content mills can save companies significant expense by replacing in-house copywriters.

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Online Faxing

Onlinefaxes.com provides online fax services for businesses for just a few dollars a month, including their own dedicated fax number with the option to upgrade to a toll-free number for just a dollar. Online faxing services offer significant savings, both short- and long-term, and can be an excellent solution for companies of all sizes. Documents are stored securely and faxes can be sent from mobile devices, as well as workstations, making it a versatile and financially beneficial option.

By utilizing unique online resources, your business can hand difficult tasks to the experts and save money at the same time.

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