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5 Examples of How to Answer Tough Job Interview Questions

Participating in a job interview can be stressful. However, most people tend to do better being interviewed as long as they have in mind what positive points they want to get across to the employer and how they are applicable to the role. But, what happens when there are those tough questions that are hard to answer? Tough interview questions are meant to challenge the interviewee, and basically see how well you think on your feet. However, stating the wrong answer or simply not answering can have detrimental effects. With this being said, we have compiled the best tactics for preparing answers whenever you find yourself in this situation.

With Flattery

There is nothing better than giving your honest opinion mixed with a bit of flattery. For example, when asked if you would be out for their job. By stating, “I would think that in ten years I could do your position. I would assume that you would be running this place by then.” With this type of answer, you are stating that you do have ideas of being in charge, but you are also rewarding their hard work.


Answer with Honesty

Never lie when given these tough questions, as this is going to be something that the interviewer can fact check in most cases. If you were fired from a previous job, then be honest about this. However, also state what you have learned since then and from that exact situation. It will show that you admit your faults and have learned from these.

Approach Ideas with Flexibility

If you are given a scenario that is rather tough to answer, and one that you are not sure how you would proceed, then you are going to want to approach an idea with flexibility. If you state two options for the scenario, it shows that you can think outside of the box and not just one sided. This is something that could earn you points with those in charge.

Showcase your Skills

Many employers like to ask the interview question that basically states how overqualified the employee may be for that position. This question is often asked as a way to weed out those who are just looking for something temporary and wait for something better to come along. To answer this, state your qualifications and how you understand this may be seen as being overqualified. However, also state your desire to help the company grow.

Be Introspective with Answers

If you are asked what your greatest weakness is, be honest. Do not give a weakness that is often seen as a strength, as interviewers are going to see right through this. Instead, answer honesty and then explain how you are working on improving this weakness. Your introspective attitude will be appreciated, along with your honesty.

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