5 Easy Ways to Improve Workforce Engagement

It’s a well-known fact that employment engagement can increase your productivity enormously. The engaged worker is motivated, goes beyond their job description and is willing to put in that extra bit of effort , which is the difference between a good business and an excellent business.

In order to achieve this, you should be taking a holistic approach to effective workforce engagement management. Think what is best for all of your employees and what is going to make them all engaged workers. You should be aiming for 100% engagement to get the very best out of your workforce. Here are five top tips for making that possible.


1. Communication and transparency

Without knowing the importance of their role within the company, an employee is unable to put a value on their worth. Make it clear to your workers why their role in the company is vital. Make a connection between what they do and the strategy of the business.

There’s no point telling them they are simply important to the company’s success without telling them why. Furthermore be as transparent as possible with the direction of the company. If a worker feels that they are being taken on your ‘business journey’ with you, they are more invested in reaching that destination.

2. Hands on leadership

Nothing makes an employee feel valued more than if their employer/manager shows interest in their work. Take the time to get to know what it is your employees are doing and ask questions. Do they have any ideas on how jobs can be improved?

By building good working relationships with your employees that allow them some input into their role, this will certainly boost their productivity. Be careful though, just asking ‘is everything okay’ is superficial. Employees need to know that you are genuinely interested, so think about the questions you’ll ask them and follow the conversation up at a later date.

3. Common courtesy

It’s a very little thing but saying please and thank you, showing that you are grateful for what your employees do will make a difference – and it costs nothing! Acknowledging your employees work is a small step to building their trust and with trust comes a willingness, and by extension, an engagement in work.

4. Willingness to adapt

Allow, where possible, for employees to work on their own terms. There will be times when an employee’s circumstances might change. Can you offer them the freedom to work on slightly different schedules or from home in order to meet their needs?

Giving employees a bit of flexibility will show trust. This will engage and motivate them to prove their willingness to work, despite the change in schedule/location.

5. Work hard, play hard

To ensure that you have a team of engaged workers you should consider the importance and motivational qualities of fun. This might be a social activity out of work hours or a simple dress down (or dress up) day in the office. Maybe organise a charity event for the charity of an employee’s choice. This will help your employees see that continuing to engage with their work can also be fun and rewarding.

Essentially, what it comes down to is that as an employer, you have to recognise your workforce as people. If you can embed a person-centred culture into your work environment, the people in that environment are going to feel valued and more willing to engage with their work.

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