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4 Key Tips For New Businesses When Starting Out

By Smart Media Marketing & PR, Landon Charles

Building Your Site

Building an amazing site and stuffing if full ofworld-class products won’t make customers automatically show up.  When you are starting out in an online business, or even a brick and mortar location, you have to come to grips with the fact that launching your online site is just the first step in a marathon journey to building successful business.  There are are a number of crucial steps after the opening..

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Social Proof

Social proof and some customer feedback will help with conversions. This is a common error that I see in many new startups- They are failing to incorporate social media, customer reviews, and proof of their products.  Most of the time, the social proof is being used incorrectly or it’s forced.

Social proof wrong implemented wrong can do more harm than good:

Customer Reviews

When you’re starting your business, you probably should wait just a bit before including a product review section on your site until you have some customers that you can ask for reviews from.  Do not be afraid to ask customers for their feedback, and be sure to let them know you value their opinions, most people will be happy to help…and if their upset they will be VERY quick to let you know.  Often time you will learn far more from the complaints than the praise and remember you will not please everyone, it is an impossibility….but try your best to please the masses.  This is especially important if you have a larger catalogue of products or services.

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Focusing On Too Many Aspects of the Business

Business can be hard, lonely, and trying sometimes.  Imagine a basketball player trying to play in two games at the same time.  It would be a nightmare!  The same is true for running a business.  Solopreneurs often feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, and often times their life and the life of the business likely is.

Entrepreneurs will get sidetracked, chasing their tails, and the next shiny easy button offered instead of focusing on the basics of getting clients in the door that they started. This results in an ineffective action plan that will rarely show any results for the business.

By Smart Media Marketing & PRLandon Charles.

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