3D Technology and its impact on the BIM services

3D has taken the world by storm and 3D designs have created a revelation in almost every aspect of life and has become an integral part of your life. It is also playing a key role in the BIM (building information modeling) and is making things easier for both the architects and building owners as they are able to understand the designs better. Building Information Modeling Services are not the same ever since the inception of these 3D models and here are the some of the details about how 3D has impacted BIM services:


  • Firstly, 3D has improved the communication between the users and the designers.3DVirtual Prototyping has made it easier for the company owners to understand the designs as everything is clearly visible unlike the 2D models where the designers have to use their skills to make the clients understand the designs. At the same time, there have also been improvements in the decision making process for designs with the advent of virtual design. With these designs, major changes can be made in less than 1 day, whereas in the past these kinds of changes could take weeks or months.

Secondly, with the help of 3D modeling, the changes after the construction have reduced greatly, which helps owners to save some good money. There were many instances in the past where the conflicts between the electrical banks, sprinkler lines and the ducts resulted in the changes of design after the construction that increased the cost.  This has changed greatly ever since the 3D technology has come up in the market as everything is clearly visible to everyone and design changes can be near instantaneous.

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