3 Reasons why property investors should attend industry events

There are many reasons why property investors should attend industry events and this applies to seasoned investors and developers as well as those who are completely new to property investment. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why you should attend industry events.

  1. Networking

Networking is one of the most advantageous aspects of attending industry events and these allow property newbies to pick the brains of seasoned professionals or allow for seasonal professionals to meet other like-minded investors and developers, who can share what’s working for them under continually changing climates.


Property investors can also use industry events for finding joint venture partners. Joint ventures can pair investors together who want to take on larger developments or pair an experienced investor with a newbie. While it could be viewed that newbies have the most to gain from attending industry events, it is surprisingly rewarding for successful property investors who wish to share their knowledge and experience.

  1. Financing

Financing property developments shouldn’t be a barrier yet it quite often is. Industry events can link developers and investors together for joint ventures where one party invests and the other develops or vice versa. Property industry events can also help developers uncover the commercial development finance options open to them. This could be directly through a financing agent attending the event or through training courses that are focused on investment and finance.

Many industry events focus on educating developers on the current financing options available in the market that they may not have been aware of, such as no money down financing and how to generate cash flow without owning properties. These courses can be especially beneficial to new property investors who are not yet aware of the costs of buying and selling.

  1. Education

Many property industry events are focused on educating property developers and investors. Events such as the Glenn Armstrong property event are 100% designed for new property investors. Having said this, Glenn Armstrong also conducts training events for existing property investors who are looking to fill in the gaps of their knowledge. These tend to focus on specialist topics that are explored on mastermind days or through brainstorming sessions.

These industry events can cover all manner of topics from how to generate cash flow with a rent to rent strategy through to how to quickly flip properties for profit. Property investors can learn step-by-step proven strategies in one day workshops covering topics such as developing properties for specific demographics, where to invest strategies, developing properties into HMO’s and all the way through to how to deal with vendors and estate agents.

Property investor industry events truly are an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. From networking with other property investors to finding joint venture partners, acquiring the right financing solution or improving your property development knowledge through educational courses, industry events hold real value.

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