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2015 E-Commerce in Mexico

Your business is growing with E-Commerce? We know that opportunities can not be missed. Remember when it was an advantage that companies uses computers in day to day processes, very few took this as a real advantage over the others, those that did are big business today and get high returns.

In the same way E-Commerce is the first to take this advantegs with a strategy and vision, they have better returns than the competition.

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Your business is growing with E-Commerce?

Magento is a great solution.

In Mexico the E-Commerce is expanding every year more and more, many multinational companies are looking to invest in the country, but they are not the only ones, especially midsize companies are taking the opportunity.

Business to Business (companies selling to businesses): This type of business focus on providing very complete virtual catalogs to its wholesale customers with updated prices, download invoices, high claims, etc.

Business to Customers (companies that sell to consumers): This type of business is focused on providing products that go from yachts, to decorations for the house. Consumable products have a high rate of sale, as well as travel services, events, professional services, etc.

E-Commerce can help all types of businesses. You don’t need to be an expert in technology, just need to find the right partner. Internet has no physical boundaries, so you can load from one to millions of products at a time.

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In the Forbes list of billionaires this year 4 of the 10 people more millionaires in the world made their fortune thanks to electronic commerce and technology.

In ICONOU ( we are experts in E-Commerce and we are at your service to help you with any project, expansion or improvement that you need in your online business or business expansion.

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