2 Reasons Why you should NOT use Hollywood Moving and Storage when moving

Storage and moving services mostly refer to a facility where any storage facility provider would cater suitable moving services to the customers. However, the services would be provided for a temporary period. The storage service providers offer storage and accommodation for all your possessions that would be completely safe and for as long as you need the services. It would accommodate your possessions in a safe and secure manner. There have been numerous companies working in the online realm. Therefore, choosing the right company would become imperative for a satisfied experience.

Hiring the services of a moving storage company when you are relocating would ensure that all your goods and furniture would be in good condition as and when they reach the desired destination. The experts, who claim to keep your furniture, have made these services secure until the belongings reach the desired place. Therefore, you should not mind the additional amount to be paid for safeguarding your furniture in a secured manner. Among the several companies working in the online realm, one company has been proven for their bad services. There are precisely 2 reasons why you should not use Hollywood Moving and Storage when moving.


Poor reviews of the company

A majority of companies usually work on their credibility based on good reviews. You would recommend a company to another person only when you had good experience with the company. However, that has not been the case with Hollywood Moving and Storage Company. The company has failed to deliver on their promises. There have been a number of bad or poor reviews explaining how the company cheated the customers. The company offers poor customer service and has no accountability for the stuff they move from one place to another. They usually come late, as there have been several instances reported by the customers.

Lack of accountability

A genuine company would be accountable for the loss or damage caused to the furniture or belongings of the customer that are being moved by the moving company. However, Hollywood Moving and Storage Company lack accountability. They would turn a cold shoulder if you complained about your belongings or furniture being damaged during transition. They customer service of the company would start giving excuses for damaged goods. The moving company would not even refund money for the loss suffered due to moving company’s lack of professionalism.

It would not be advised to hire the services of Hollywood Moving and Storage Company for your moving needs and requirements.

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